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Kellie Schriver, LCDC, AAC, BCPCC, CEMP, CES


“My husband, a first responder, desired to advance in his career but struggled to obtain the certifications necessary. He became depressed, discouraged, and fearful to even make any attempts. After exhausting all other avenues, we finally reached out for help. We were thankful that Kellie Schriver instantly recognized what was preventing my husband from moving forward. After working with the horses, my husband was able to change old, bad habits and mental blocks so that he could obtain the certifications he had always wanted and job advancement. My husband was given the courage, strength, and skills to better himself, his work, and his studies. He went to Kellie for help with his job and school, and we were surprised that the same skills also improved our marriage. I am personally thankful for the guidance and gifts that Kellie has given us through ‘The Stages of Changes.’ Our lives have been forever changed. My husband now has been promoted at his job and is enrolled to receive a higher degree of certification.” — client

Kellie SchriverKellie Schriver has served as a licensed and board certified counselor for over 30 years. Incorporating her counseling services with her love of horses and her calling to help others, she developed the equine therapy program, The “Stages” of Changes, endorsed by top professionals in the equine-assisted therapy and mental health fields.

Kellie was drawn to the counseling field in large part by her personal life experiences with family members having mental health and addiction challenges. And while pursuing her counseling education, her beloved father died. He had been a loved and respected ordained Baptist cowboy preacher for over 30 years. After experiencing this devastating loss, Kellie was inspired to develop a program to Help the Helper.

Kellie and her husband Dave have been married 25 years and have two sons—Aaron Schriver, a U.S. Marine who was called to be with the Lord in 2007, and Austin Schriver who currently studies Petroleum Engineering at Texas Tech University.

Equine therapy incorporates several therapy modalities including:

  • Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor
  • Formal training and certification from TheHazelden’s Graduate School of Addiction Studies
  • Certified in the state of Texas as an Advanced
    Addictions Counselor at the Masters Level
  • Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor
    (American Association of Christian Counselors)
  • Certified Equine Mental Health Professional
  • Advanced Equine Therapist in the NaturalLifemanship Trauma model
  • Specialist in both the EAGALA and PATH models

Learn more about Kellie’s Equine therapy and clinics at TheStagesOfChanges.com.

Areas of Expertise

  • Equine Therapy
  • Women’s Issues
  • Grief Counseling
  • Help for the Helper
  • Self-care for Professionals
  • Addictions
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Individual and Marriage Communication
  • Stress Management

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