Steve Smith, M.A., Director & Founder

An ordained minister for more than 20 years, Steve Smith has provided sound counsel to individuals, couples, and families throughout his various ministerial roles. Steve has served as the Minister of Counseling and Family Support for one of the largest churches in Texas and as the Executive Director and Minister of Counseling of HopeWorks. Steve earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Dallas Baptist University and his Master’s degree in Christian Education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

About Steve Smith, M.A., Director & Founder

Steve founded HopeWorks Counseling in 2001 to bridge the gulf between various groups in Christian counseling, giving a new generation of counselors a common platform to serve those in need. Steve and the HopeWorks staff apply psychological principles with biblical truths to help clients address problems and achieve a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Steve is a passionate communicator and gifted in connecting with people. He provides direction and encouragement both personally and professionally. 

Through experience, illustrations, and practical application of complex theory – as well as his humor, unique storytelling ability, and dynamic teaching – Steve motivates and equips people to accomplish their goals. His engaging style has made him a favorite speaker with varied groups such as professional sports organizations, businesses, and churches. A true sports enthusiast, Steve avidly follows all sports and plays golf and tennis. He also enjoys art and music. Steve and his wife, Donna, have been married for nearly 50 years and have two children and one grandson.