For over 20 years

HopeWorks has provided Bibically-based professional counseling to thousands in North Texas.


Our Passion

Founded by Steve Smith in 2001, HopeWorks Counseling has provided professional counseling to thousands in North Texas. Our counselors and coaches integrate psychological wisdom with biblical truths to help clients achieve a balanced, healthy lifestyle. We are passionate about helping individuals (children and adults), couples, and families overcome their challenges and make positive changes toward a brighter future.

As a non-profit organization, HopeWorks Counseling operates with a mission to provide professional counseling services while adhering to a charitable and community-focused model. Being a non-profit implies that the organization’s primary goal is to serve the community and address the needs of individuals, couples, and families without the sole motivation of financial gain.


Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to HopeWorks to help fund counseling to people in need. 

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